Strategically located amidst the Indian Ocean, receiving complete exposure to southern swells, favorable weather conditions and great quality of the waves, the Maldives has become popular among surfers all around the world. The pristine crystal clear waters and long point breaks along with hollow reefs make the Maldives ideal for the best surfing experiences.

Did You Know?

Australian born Tony Hussein Hinde (1953 - 27 May 2008) is reknown as the father and pioneer of Surfing in Maldives.

How it was introduced

Surfing was first introduced into Maldives when two surf travelers, Tony Hussein Hinde and Mark Scanlol from Sydney were shipwrecked in the shore breaks of Male’ in 1973. Tony was amazed by the reefs and surfing conditions that he decided to stay. In the 1980s Tony opened a surf camp called Atoll Adventures which led to Maldives becoming a surfer’s paradise.

Best Season

The surfing season in Maldives begins from late February to Mid November while the best time to surf is during March to May, and then again in September till November. During surfing season the ideal surfing conditions are offered by the islands. However, like most places in the world, the seasons in the Maldives have become less predictable in recent years.