One of the top tourist destinations in the world, Maldives is a country of 1,192 coral islands with about a 100 developed tourist resorts. Most famous for its white sandy beaches and breathtaking underwater scenery, Maldives is the ideal location for those searching for a holiday of Sun, Sand and the Sea.

Did You Know?

Maldives islands are of coralline origins. Their amazing sand is white and extremely fine. Coralline beaches are rare, they represent less than 5% of the World beaches, the rest of them are mostly made of quartz.


Maldives is made up of 26 atolls consisting of a large, ring-shaped coral reef supporting several islands. These atolls, which lie in two rows, contain a lagoon, and the reef rings are divided with deep channels. Some islands have its own reef, acting as a home for the beautiful and multicoloured underwater life. Though most of the resorts are in North Male’, South Male’ , Ari, Felidhu, Baa and Lhaviyani Atolls, development of new tourist resorts in other atolls have been encouraged lately.


Due to its location, Maldives has been influenced by cultures brought by sea farers from various countries. The Maldivians, with a population of about 300,000, follows a unified tradition, culture and beliefs. Dhivehi, a unique and the main language of Maldivians originated from Sanskrit. Most Maldivians are well educated and have embraced the effects of the modern world, but still strive to uphold the people’s identity, traditions and belief. Maldivians have been famous for their skill in craftsmanship. Maldives has been a predominantly Islamic nation since 1153.


Like most countries located on the equator, Maldives has two monsoons instead of the usual 4 seasons. Though “Iruvai”, a dry northeast monsoon, and “Hulhangu”, a wet southwest monsoon, brings varying changes to the weather, the temperature remains fairly constant, between 24 °C and 33 °C, throughout the year. The days are usually hot and humid. The seas are usually rough with cloudy skies during "Hulhangu", while the opposite is the case during "Iruvai"

Getting Here

The Maldives is easily accessible by air from anywhere in South East Asia, Middle East and Europe. Situated in its very own island, the Ibrahim Nasir International Airport is only a few minutes away from the capital city Male’. Various other International Airports, Domestic Airports, Ferries, Seaplanes and private yachts make travelling in this country consisting of 90% sea easy.  Light cotton and linen wear, sandals, swimwear and all sorts of sun protection such as sunscreen, sunglasses and hats are recommended to be packed.