Soneva Fushi Residences & Spa

Baa Atoll

  • Distance from Airport
    25 Minutes
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Welcome to a luxurious experience in which the natural reality of the destination understated yet sophisticated style. Intelligent luxury – accommodations are scattered along the beach and tucked into the lush greenery, providing personal privacy. Each Villa has the luxuries you would expect, whilst the utmost care and creativity has been given to maintain the environment and to reflect the “Robinson Crusoe” experience. The hairdryer is hidden in the drawer of a Coconut- wood desk; the Mini Bar, safe and quadraphonic hi-fi are concealed behind rattan; and the VCR is delivered in a water-hyacinth basket. Even messages are delivered in Bamboo canisters, demonstrating the Resort’s commitment to ‘intelligent luxury’.

  • Crusoe Villa

    The Robinson Crusoe castaway experience inspired us in terms of name and design. Walk the rope-tied gangway leading to your tropical terrace. Shower beneath sun or stars in your garden bathroom. The beach is at your doorstep. Tucked amidst the greenery on the island's white sands, the beauty of nature surrounds.

  • Crusoe Villa with Pool

    Perch over your private pool sheltered in the trees, or take a dip in its refreshing waters. Should you wish to take to the sea, the clear Maldivian ocean awaits only steps away. We created each of our villas with a sense of whimsy. Relax amidst the playfully rustic-chic rooms and terraces and give in to the castaway spirit.

  • Crusoe Villa 02 Bedroom with Pool

    Strolling the pristine sands and jungle greenery of our island, far from any mainland shore, we fell in love with the feeling of being blissfully lost from the world, shipwrecked on a deserted isle with only its natural bounty at our disposal. Embracing this sensation, we designed this Two-bedroom Crusoe Villa with tropical whimsy: raw wood that retains its gnarls and bends, woven ropes, recycled planks, palm thatch. You and your family can relish its Robinson Crusoe spirit as you laze amidst its terraces on levels high and low, splash around in its private pool, or lounge on the beach at your doorstep.

  • Jungle Reserve

    The lush jungles of our island enraptured us. We loved feeling lost in their wilds as we wound in and out of the tree trunks, peering through leaves, listening to the rhythms of the canopy. And so we created this very special Jungle Reserve, a gargantuan villa engulfed by the dense green forest. The immense reserve surrounds you in nature while offering up caverns and terraces of luxurious space: three sumptuous bedrooms, huge open-air garden bathrooms, an indoor lounge with dining table for up to 10 and a separate outdoor sunken dining table just as large, an in-villa wine cellar, fully fitted-out kitchen, library, and your private spa suite with couple's treatment room, gym, sauna and steam.

  • Soneva Fushi Villa

    Our favourite spot in this villa is the large, luxurious open-air garden bathroom. Soak in the oversized bathtub surrounded by lush greenery, or shower by starlight enjoying the cool night breeze. Then drift to sleep on the soft cotton sheets of your four-poster canopy bed. Awaken to morning's early rays and step directly onto the white sands of the beach right outside your villa.

  • Soneva Fushi Villa with Pool

    The clear Maldivian sea is breathtakingly beautiful. We love to immerse ourselves in the crystal waters and marvel at the pristine scene that surrounds us. At the same time, we cherish a private pool, a place to soak in a somewhat more hidden setting. So for this beachfront villa we offer you the luxurious of choice: move between the island's lagoon and your pool, nestled within white sands and shimmering greens.

  • Soneva Fushi Villa 02 Bedroom with Pool

    The most important experiences in life are those you share with the ones you love. We designed these Two-bedroom Soneva Fushi Villas to set the stage for such magical memories. Savour moments together as a family in your private seawater pool. Set directly on the beachfront, the bounty of Maldivian nature is at your beck and call. Snorkel the clear waters, introducing your children to the amazement of the underwater world, then retreat for romance in your open-air garden bathroom sheltered by whitewashed courtyard walls and the lush greenery.

  • Soneva Fushi Villa Suite with Pool

    Sometimes on holiday we wish to go out and explore, and other times we take advantage of the opportunity to shelter ourselves away. As we created this villa, we ensured that it would be the perfect enclave for a romantic escape. We encourage you to go out and explore the island's wilds and carefully curated luxuries, but should you wish to stick to your hideaway, you have luxurious space in the Soneva Fushi Villa Suite with Pool. In addition to your spacious bedroom with it soft king-sized canopy bed, you have reign over a separate deserted-island chic sitting room, outdoor sitting areas, cushions and daybed, extravagantly large open-air garden bathroom and private pool – as well as the white sands and crystal waters of our house lagoon, direct from your beachfront villa suite.

  • Soneva Fushi Villa Suite with Pool & Treehouse

  • Soneva Fushi Villa Suite 02 Bedroom with Pool

    Who would not love to be shipwrecked on a lush magical isle like Soneva Fushi? We have even taken care of the hard part for you; the thatched roof has been woven, the beams hewn, the hammock strewn, your own “lagoon” (a private swimming pool) dug and tiled. All you and your family have to do is enjoy it. Frolic in your spacious Two-bedroom Soneva Fushi Villa Suite and its refreshing pool. Hit the sand outside your door; we have placed your villa suite directly on the beach. Or take to the bicycles we have provided for you at your villa and explore the island trails.

  • Sunrise Retreat

    There is something magical about sunrise over the ocean. The swirl of colours. The quiet of early morning. The day full of possibilities. And the possibilities really are endless in this sprawling retreat we have placed on one of the island's best stretches for taking in the dawn spectacle. Three bungalows, each two storeys, make up the retreat – though each features its own individual surprises. Promenade the suspended walkway. Swim the elongated pool. Bathe in the moonlight in the open-air garden bathrooms. Share a gloriously leisurely meal within your elevated dining pavilion, plucking bottles from your in-villa wine cellar.

  • Sunset Retreat

    Some of us are early risers, taking in the dawn and its peaceful atmosphere. And others of us revel in the spirit of the evening, leaving the early hours for the birds. We created the Sunset Retreat more for the latter set – though absolutely everyone will enjoy its luxuries. With this retreat, we offer you two bungalows of two-storeys each. Incredibly spacious, within its walls and sprawling outdoor spaces you will find balconies with breathtaking views, a raised dining pavilion, wine cellar, steam room, gym and a private swimming pool to float away your cares or splash away in tropical surrender.

  • Villa One

    The name reflects its premier status. When we saw this private point on our island, we knew it deserved one of Soneva Fushi's ultimate villas, and our guests share our passion. Villa One enjoys a legendary reputation amongst guests. The magnificent three-bedroom escape is a luxurious playground of bamboo and other sustainable woods under a traditional thatched roof. Explore dramatic indoor living areas and tropical open living spaces, romantic terraces, scenic decks, idyllic walkways and a huge private seaside swimming pool.

  • 02 Bedroom Crusoe Suite with Pool

    When Robinson Crusoe washed ashore, he encountered a wild world full of discoveries. We offer your family a similar burst of excitement in this playfully indulgent suite. Upstairs and downstairs bedrooms, a choice of sitting areas on high and low, a swimming pool of your very  own, direct beach access, two lush open-air garden bathrooms, personal bicycles for island exploring and more. Anticipate discovering your own favourite spot. Ours? The private balcony reached via the gangway off the upstairs bedroom.

  • 03 Bedroom Crusoe Suite with Pool

    Watching the sun descend below the horizon, we knew we’d found a special place – one that called for a beautiful hideaway where a family or group of friends could enjoy this spectacular location in total privacy. Our Three-bedroom Crusoe Suite with Pool offers this – and a little more. An expansive beachfront suite with a two-storey and separate one-story villa, the whitewashed walls and thatched roofing blend perfectly with the stunning setting. Open-air bathrooms offer the allure of nature meets luxury. And then there is your own pool and outdoor sitting area – perfect for those days when all you want to do relax in your sanctuary, enjoying the personal butler service of Mr. or Ms. Friday.